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The Girlfriend Experience

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You know, I was all prepared to write something terrible about this trailer, but I can’t: it represents the movie with stunning accuracy. The trailer is boring, literal, and sans any sort of dialogue. The best part was the end. Touche, trailer: all of these qualities mirror those of The Girlfriend Experience. And again, kudos to the trailer-maker: he made the fantastic decision of cutting out all the poorly delivered dialogue (which was all of it) out of the the trailer.

It’s not really the movie’s fault, I suppose. I’m sure the makers were thinking, “Hey, Sasha Grey is a great porn star. I bet that talent carries over to legitimate acting!” Poor, poor decision. What’s sad is that this could have been a great movie. A call girl’s personal life is a really interesting concept. It’s actually shocking that the makers of this movie took sex, intrigue, money, and a gorgeous woman, and created something boring.




I sat down to watch this movie a few weeks ago a gaggle of my man friends, all prepared to pant at the screen at the first sign of Sasha Grey’s inevitable nudity. I was fairly interested myself, not in a naked porn star, but in the movie—I figured it would be fun, or at the very least, hilariously bad like Grandma’s Boy or the English-dubbed version of Police Story. Like my friends, who only got to see a brief shot of blurry Sasha Grey body, I was left thoroughly disappointed. The thing was, I couldn’t bring myself to stop watching it. It wasn’t that it was some sort of masochistic, morbid fascination like when people in the Middle Ages used to watch tooth extractions on the street, it was that I kept thinking: “Man… this HAS to get better. SOMETHING has to happen!” But don’t be fooled, folks. NOTHING EVER DOES. There isn’t even a cheap plot twist. There just is no plot.

Of course, it’s possible for this movie to make a positive mark on the world: it would be a great advertisement for why girls shouldn’t become sex workers. “Don’t join the escort industry! Your life will be THIS BORING.”

So please, spare yourself what would be the emptiest 77 minutes (really? Because it felt longer than the extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) of your life, and never watch this movie. Do, however, appreciate how accurate this trailer is. And also appreciate the drummer at the end, who is awesome, and clearly the most talented person in the movie.

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July 21st, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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