About Zuguide

What is Zuguide?

Zuguide is your new source for movie information and trailers. Here at Zuguide, you can watch movie trailers and learn more about movies that are currently in theaters and have recently been released on DVD. In addition to the newest titles, Zuguide also offers a huge selection of all-time favorites and classic films in a wide variety of genres and categories.

What makes Zuguide different from other movie trailer sites?

Zuguide features an innovative content navigation system that uses thumbnails to allow users to explore the connections between movies, actors and directors. We offer hundreds of high quality trailers that you just can't find anywhere else on the web.

How does Zuguide remain free of cost to users?

Zuguide is absolutely free to join. None of our costs are passed down to our users. To keep Zuguide going, we offer links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where users can purchase DVDs, and feature advertising that we think will be of particular interest to our users.