Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register?

Registering for Zuguide is optional and allows you to save movies to My Favorites. Zuguide's other functions are not affected by your registration status. After registering, you will have the option of being notified via email of new trailers and features as they are added to Zuguide. Registering for Zuguide is free to all users.

How do I add a movie to My Favorites?

First, register for Zuguide. Then, navigate to a movie of your choice and click on the "Add to Favorites" button. To see the movies you have added, click on the "My Favorites" tab.

How do I play a trailer?

After selecting a movie, either click on the "Trailer" button above the description or the flash player bar below the screenshot slideshow.

How do I navigate back and forth between Zuguide pages?

All of the buttons you need to navigate Zuguide are built into the site. Your browser's back and forward buttons also work as expected.

a. "Next" and "Previous" buttons: When viewing a grid of movie or category thumbnails, the "Next" and "Previous" buttons can be used to view additional pages of thumbnails.

b. "Back" button: When viewing a movie's description page, the "Back" button above the description will take you to the last page you were viewing.

c. The History bar: When viewing a grid of thumbnails or a description page, a history bar displaying the page title appears at the bottom of the page. To navigate back and forth between previously viewed pages, click on the blue arrows that appear to the right and left of the page title.

How do I search for a movie, actor, or director on Zuguide?

Every Zuguide page features a search bar. The search bar appears on the top left of the homepage and the bottom left of all other pages. After entering your search terms and clicking on the magnifying glass, search results will be displayed as a grid of thumbnails.

What is the purpose of the thumbnails on the Zuguide homepage?

The four thumbnails on the homepage provide a sample of Zuguide's content. There is a Zuguide Pick of the Day, a selection from New in Theaters, a selection from New on DVD and a Featured Actor. Clicking on a movie thumbnail displays a description, a screenshot slideshow, and a trailer for each film. Clicking on the actor thumbnail displays a grid of movie thumbnails featuring that actor.

What is the function of the different tabs at the top of each Zuguide page?

There are five tabs: In Theaters, New on DVD, My Categories, My Favorites and Zuguide Picks. Clicking on a tab displays a grid of 12 movie or category thumbnails.

a. In Theaters displays thumbnails for movies that are currently playing in cimemas nationwide.

b. New on DVD displays thumbnails for movies that have recently been released on DVD.

c. My Categories displays thumbnails that allow users to select movies from a particular genre (i.e. Drama, Comedy, Action, etc.) or movies that share similar traits (i.e. Based on a Novel, Cult Classics, Foreign Film, etc.).

d. My Favorites displays the movies that users have chosen save using the "Add to My Favorites" button.

e. Zuguide Picks displays a selection of movies which we believe will be of particular interest to viewers.

What happens when I click on a thumbnail?

Clicking on a movie thumbnail displays the movie's description page, featuring a plot synopsis, a screenshot slideshow and a trailer. Clicking on a category thumbnail displays a grid of 12 movie thumbnails in that category.

What happens when I click a hyperlink in a movie's description?

Clicking on a hyperlink in a movie description displays a grid of additional movies associated with a particular actor, director, category or year.

How do I return to the Zuguide homepage?

To return to the homepage, click on the Zuguide logo located in the top left corner of each page.

How can I browse all of the movies on Zuguide?

First, click on the My Categories tab. Then, click on the All Movies thumbnail. This displays the first page of Zuguide movies. To browse additional pages, cllick on the "Next" button.